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Servicing your car is one of the most important things you can do to maintain its performance, safety and fuel efficiency. No one wants to drive a vehicle that has an issue. That is why Jeep Auto Garage  provides your motor vehicle solutions such as maintenance, repair, and bodyworks.  


When it comes to keeping you safe on the road, nothing is of more importance than your brakes. They not only keep you safe, but they keep everyone around you safe. 

Brake pads are key component of your vehicle's braking system and play an important role in  making your car stop when you press the brake pedal. 

Brake pads incorporate wear indicators. 

When the wear indication makes contact with the brake rotor, you will hear a high-pitched screech or squeal, indicating that the brake pads require replacement.

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It is critical to have your vehicle serviced regularly. It not only extends the life of your vehicle but also makes it run more smoothly. In addition, your jeep may be prone to problems in the future if you don't maintain it properly. 

Some of the benefits of having your maintenance done at Jeep Auto garage are:

1.Getting genuine parts that fit like a glove keeping your engine functioning at its best.

2. Skilled work force. Our technicians have been specifically trained to work on Jeep automobiles hence they know everything there is to know about these automobiles.



If your car ever springs oil leak while driving and all the oil is lost, the entire engine would be ruined in a few minutes.

An oil change is the process of draining old, used engine oil from the vehicle into a pan and then replacing it with fresh, clean oil and a fresh oil filter. Particles of metal and debris from engine parts gradually darken and thicken the oil, decreasing its effectiveness. Like most lubricating and cooling fluids that help vehicles run, engine oil eventually needs to be changed to keep the vehicle running optimally.


Many people know that cars and trucks have clutches and that clutches sometimes need to be replaced. If your clutch plate gets damaged, the car would not be able to move as the power from the engine is not being transferred to the wheels.

It is important that you know some signs that your clutch life is about to end and soon you would need to replace it.


clutch replacement

While it is essential to have the right level of transmission fluid in your vehicle, over time of use, this fluid becomes dirtier and collects a lot of debris and contaminants as it flows around the transmission. That is why you cannot continue driving the vehicle with this dirty fluid, and you must flush it out or perform what is known as automatic transmission flush. 

Visit Jeep Auto Garage today and our mechanics will drain out all the old transmission fluid and replace it with a fresh one.


All cars require maintenance to run properly, including Jeeps. Properly maintaining your Jeep regularly can help extend the life of your ride and keep it working properly for decades to come.

In addition to saving you money, maintaining your Jeep will help prevent you from getting stranded on the side of the road or having to cancel your weekend off-roading plans due to an easily preventable issue. As such, it is important to stay on top of your Jeep's maintenance.

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A clean filter is crucial to keeping a fuel delivery system in proper working order. 

Yes, fuel is cleaned in the refinery, but it picks up a lot of impurities during storage and transportation to your local gas station. Plus, a car's gas tank typically contains dirt and other particles that can wreak havoc on an engine.

A clogged fuel filter forces the fuel pump to work harder and less efficiently. When you accelerate, a starved engine uses a leaner fuel mixture and loses power.

Replacing the fuel filter regularly prevents those particles and impurities from reaching the injectors.


If  you are having trouble with your transmission, you know it is important to have it looked at right away. After all, simple problems can repaired.  However, if you leave problem unresolved, you could quickly be looking at a transmission rebuild or  replacement. 

Visit Jeep Auto Garage today and let us save you that extra Shilling.


It's important to have your radiator and cooling system checked up every now and then.  A car engine produces a lot of heat when it is running, and must be cooled continuously to avoid engine damage. 

Generally this is done by circulating coolant liquid usually water mixed with an antifreeze solution through special cooling passages. 

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